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About Us

  • The History of our Hotel

    The history of the m3 begins with adjacent Amalienhaus Building. In the early 1900s, when St. Anton became a destination for international skiers, the village grew to accommodate the increasing demands of tourism. Bedrooms “with running water” and central heating were provided at Amalienhaus for travellers over 100 years ago. This was the start of the Koehle/Kaser Family’s long history in hospitality.

    In the early 1930’s Mansuet Koehle from Amalienhaus married Maria Sailer from the neighbouring house. This was to become the future site of the m3 Hotel. The grandparents of today’s owners continued their family’s career in the lodging business.

    In the year 1961 their daughter Amalia Koehle married Wilfried Kaser, who rebuilt Amalienhaus in 1969. In the early 1970’s Amalienhaus was altered several times to suit requirements. The single-storey shop building, which later was to become the Hazienda Restaurant, and which housed a grocery store until March 2011, was built in these years. In the 1970’s plans were drawn up to build a hotel on the roof of the single-storey building by Wilfried Kaser, however, these were not put in place.

    In December 1985, twin brothers Mansuet and Michael Kaser, sons of Mali and Wilfried Kaser, opened the HAZIENDA Restaurant in the single-storey building. Soon the Restaurant established a reputation with both travellers and locals for the finest food and drinks in the Arlberg Region.

    Why m3?

    In the year 2009 the 3 brothers Mansuet, Michael and Markus Kaser decided to complete their parent’s plans to build a hotel into the empty site at the heart of St. Anton, on the vibrant, pedestrianised main street. Planning began in 2010; construction of the new Hotel started in July 2011 and was completed in December the same year after investing a lot of time, energy and money.

    We hope you find our history interesting and get a chance to experience the m3. Our Family’s long history in hospitality on this site is still alive and will continue in our endeavours to make your stay a memorable one, now at the new m3 Hotel and with the help of our hotel manager Ramona Grabner.